This Week

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This week, I have been mostly listening to…

Top Artists
5. Good Charlotte
At the bottom of the list this week, are Good Charlotte with only 12 plays. This week has mostly been dominated by album play throughs, as you will see in the Top Albums section below, and I was only playing a few of Good Charlotte’s songs.
4. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes 
Just ahead of Good Charlotte are Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes with 19 plays. To be able to finish my Download 2016 post, I needed to revisit Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes in order to summarise their sound.
3. Drowning Pool
With 30 plays this week, Drowning Pool are middle of the field. With the recent release of their latest album Hallelujah this week, I caught up with all the Drowning Pool I had missed these past few years.
2. Bloodhound Gang 
In 2nd place with 45 plays this week is Bloodhound Gang. After discovering their latest album, Hard-Off, I gave it a listen or five…
1. Panic! at the Disco
Claiming the top spot this week with 83 plays is Panic! at the Disco. Similar to Bloodhound Gang, I picked up their latest album and couldn’t put it back down (metaphorically speaking of course).

Top Albums*
5. Greatest Hits by Good Charlotte 
Good Charlotte popped up in my Weekly Discovery playlist on Spotify this week and I was overcome by nostalgia. I had to satisfy my cravings by going through Good Charlotte’s Greatest Hits. Songs like The Anthem, Boys & Girls and Keep Your Hands Off My Girl were played 12 times this week and took me back to the early 2000s.
4. Blossom by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes 
As mentioned previously, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes feature in my Download 2016 Playlist post and their debut album Blossom was played 19 times this week. The band are one of my bands to look out for if you’re going to Download and if you want to check out the post, you can find it here. If you want to check out Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, have a listen of Trouble, Fangs and Devil Inside Me.
3. Hallelujah by Drowning Pool 
Im going to attempt to start doing album reviews and Hallelujah is going to be one of my first. Hallelujah is Drowning Pool’s latest album and was listened to 28 times this week. I don’t want to give too much away since it’s deserving of it’s own post, but it’s definitely worth a listen. The two singles, Snake Charmer and By The Blood, both have powerful rifts while Drop highlights Jasen Moreno’s “throaty” vocals.
2. Hard-Off by Bloodhound Gang 
With 44 plays Hard-Off saw all but one of my Bloodhound Gang plays this week. Bloodhound Gang’s latest album is everything what you would expect from the band. Riddled with sexual innuendo, catchy disco and random phrases, Bloodhound Gang’s 2015 Hard-Off is one for the fans. Socially Awkward Penguin, Dimes and Clean Up in Aisle Sexy are good places to start.
1. Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco 
Similar to Hallelujah, Panic! at the Disco’s Death of a Bachelor is another album I am looking to review in the near future. After noticing the announcement of the album release on Facebook, I went straight to Spotify to have a listen. That one listen then lead to the album becoming my anthem for the week and it racking up a total of 83 plays. Songs like Victorious, LA Devotee and Emperor’s New Clothes are some of my favourites off the album.

Top Songs
5. Think You’re So Free by Shihad 
Finally a slight change from the repetitiveness of this post. Think You’re So Free by Shihad was played 10 times this week and is another song to come from my Weekly Discovery playlist on Spotify. Although the rift is a bit samey, with only slight changes, it’s a good metal song and a good suggestion for any metal fan.
4. LA Devotee by Panic! at the Disco 
Also with 10 plays this week is LA Devotee by Panic! at the Disco. The first of two Panic! at the Disco songs off of Death of a Bachelor to feature in this week’s top songs, LA Devotee owes it’s place to it’s chorus that I just have to sing along to. There is just something about Brendon Urie’s voice…
3. Dimes by Bloodhound Gang 
Again with 10 plays this week is Dimes by Bloodhound Gang. Dimes is probably my favourite song off their latest album Hard-Off. There is something about the monotonous lyrics with a catchy techno/disco/dance beat and vocalised bass that just clicks and create this great song.
2. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time by Panic! at the Disco 
With one more play than the others with 11 plays, Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Night is the second Panic! at the Disco song in this week’s top artists and takes the number 2 spot. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time reminds me of my favourite Panic! at the Disco song I Write Sins Not Tragedies and is probably why it was played so much this week.
1. Snake Charmer by Drowning Pool
My top played song this week then with 16 plays, is Snake Charmer by Drowning Pool. After stumbling across the single, Snake Charmer was put on repeat to get my hyped up for the release of Hallelujah. A great metal song with powerful vocals and heavy rifts, well deserving of the top spot.

I haven’t done a This Week post for a while and decided to get back into the routine. This week was dominated by the same 5 artists and as a result was a bit repetitive. However, that’s what happens when you fall in love with a new album, it dominates your airwaves. That was very much the case this week with Death of a Bachelor and Hallelujah and album reviews for them both should be up on BroadNoise in the near future, so make sure to keep an eye out.

What songs have you been listening to this week? Let me know on Twitter: @pieces_of_time.

Stats powered by scrobbler and Spotify. Connect with me on here.

*Any song played from an album counts as an album play i.e an album with 10 plays means songs from the album have been played 10 times.


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