This Week

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This week, I have been mostly listening to…

Top Artists
With 21 plays this week, BABYMETAL are at the bottom of the list. BABYMETAL are a Japanese band with three teen female vocalists that mix mainstream “kawaii” J-Pop with conventional metal. As someone who is currently learning Japanese and is a fan of metal music, BABYMETAL are a good mix of the both.
4. Drowning Pool
Only slightly ahead of BABYMETAL are Drowning Pool, with 23 plays this week. This isn’t the first time Drowning Pool have appeared in a “This Week” post and probably won’t be the last. I’m still regularly listening to their latest album Hallelujah, so that I can review it on here in the near future.
3. Man With A Mission
Another Japanese band that I’ve been listening to this week is Man With A Mission. Back in November I saw MWAM live in London and couldn’t get enough of them. The next few weeks were spent listening to their back catalogue on YouTube (they aren’t on Spotify), before buying one of their albums. MWAM were played a total of 25 times this week.
2. Bloodhound Gang
Similar to Drowning Pool, this isn’t the first time Bloodhound Gang have appeared in a “This Week” post. However, Bloodhound Gang’s  number of plays this week don’t compare to what they were before. Bloodhound Gang racked up 27 plays this week.
1. Baroness
Miles ahead of the rest of the pack, Baroness claim the top spot this week with a staggering 128 plays! Bearing in mind that I only started listening to them yesterday morning, thats 128 plays in two days…

Top Albums**
5. Hallelujah by Drowning Pool
Hallelujah is Drowning Pool’s latest album and was released a couple weeks back. I’m still in the progress of writing a review for Hallelujah, so I don’t really want to say too much as the review will be out this week. Good songs to check out from the album though are: Hell to Pay, Push and We are the Devil. The album made up all of Drowning Pool’s play this week.
4. Babymetal by BABYMETAL
As mentioned above, BABYMETAL is a unique mix of mainstream J-Pop and conventional Metal which clearly comes across in their debut album Babymetal. Babymetal is well balanced between heavy metal songs, like Head Bangeeeeerrrrrr!!!!! and BABYMETAL DEATH, and metal based J-Pop like Onedari Daisakusen and Doki Doki Morning. The album made up all of BABYMETAL’s plays this week.
3. Hard-Off by Bloodhound Gang 
If you haven’t heard of Bloodhound Gang before, then expect a mix of random lyrics, sexual innuendo and catchy rifts. Obviously not something for everything, but it could be something for you. So if you’re interested, check out Socially Awkward Penguin, Dimes and Clean up in Aisle Sexy. Similar to the two albums above, Hard-Off made up all of Bloodhound Gang’s plays this week.
2. Purple by Baroness
As you would expect from having 128 plays this week, Baroness are at the top of list. Purple is Baroness’ latest album which was released last year and was played 29 times this week. Songs to check out would be Shock Me, Try To Disappear and If I Have To Wake Up (Would You Stop The Rain?).
1. Yellow & Green by Baroness
Yellow & Green is a double album by Baroness, that has both the Yellow and Green albums in (duh!). If you hadn’t noticed by now, Baroness use colours for the names of their albums and have so far released Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple albums. Songs to check out from Yellow & Green would be: Green Theme, Cocanium and March To The Sea. Yellow & Green was played 69 times this week.

Top Songs
5. Little Things by Baroness
Little Things gradually builds up adding layers of sound, until it’s climax when the vocals join in. As soon as the bass starts and the drums intensify, you know it’s going to be a killer track. Little Things is off Baroness’ Yellow album and was played 7 times this week.
4. Doom Boom by Hot Action Cop
Doom Boom is a heavy, punk-ish track that has somewhat of a Limp Bizkit feel about it. If it wasn’t for the slight accent and mumblings in the chorus,  Doom Boom would feel right at home on any Limp Bizkit album. Doom Boom was also played 7 times this week.
3. Blackout by Hardwell
Stalked from my housemate’s Spotify, Blackout is a heavy hitting EDM track that was again played 7 times this week. Right from the off, Blackout comes out hard and it’s not long before the first drop hits. The high energy beat balances well with rhythmic breakdowns that get you pumped and ready for the next drop.
2. Fly By Alien by VANT
VANT’s Fly By Alien was featured recently here on BroadNoise, when I showcased the colourful and bizarre music video for the single, and as such you can check out that post to find out more about the song. The single has been out for a couple weeks now, but it’s still one of my most played songs. Fly By Alien was played 9 times this week.
1. New Boy In Town by Cazals
Cazals’ New Boy In Town is another example of why friends are great for discovering new music. I was surprised to find out that New Boy In Town is already 8 years old, with it’s release being in 2008. Although “old”, the catchy indie track can rival any mainstream indie song and is a must listen for any fan of the genre. New Boy In Town was played 11 times this week.

This week highlights how friends, who share similar music tastes, are good sources for discovering new music. I wouldn’t have heard of, or being going to see, Baroness if it wasn’t for a friend’s drunken suggestion on Friday night. Similarly, Cazals’ New Boy In Town was played while drinking with friends on Tuesday and Hardwell’s Blackout was stalked off a friend’s Spotify feed.

What songs have you been listening to this week? Let me know on Twitter: @pieces_of_time.

Stats powered by scrobbler and Spotify. Connect with me on here.

*You may have noticed that I use images with headphones in for my “This Week” posts. Usually I use public domain images which are free to use from Pixabay, but this week I decided to take my own. Photography is another interest of mine and I have a photo diary blog which is where this link points to.

**Any song played from an album counts as an album play i.e an album with 10 plays means songs from the album have been played 10 times.


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