Magnificent Time

Magnificent Time is a rather catchy feel good single from Travis’ latest album, Everything At Once. Although rather random, the video emphasises the “magnificent time” through the use of jump dancing, vibrant colours and smiles all round. Well worth a listen if you’re looking for a pick-me-up or a general happy song.



Bored to Death

Blink-182 recently released their first single for their upcoming album California, which is due for release on July 1st. Currently the single Bored to Death only has a lyric video and not a full music video, but lyric videos can still be well made and an interesting watch.

It’s been five years since Blink-182’s “comeback” album Neighbourhoods that was released in 2011, and although they did release a 5 song EP back in 2012, it’s about time they made another album. I’ve been a Blink-182 fan since Enema of the State and can’t wait for California.