Expanding the Business – Thank You Cards

When deciding to try to turn Broad Noise into a Business, I had a head full of ideas of what I could do, and should do, to expand what I was already doing and appear professional. These ideas will be discussed in upcoming posts on Broad Noise, but one of these ideas recently came to fruition.

The main thing I concerned myself with was how to better the quality of my service and establish myself as a professional seller. I was already taking the right steps in terms of the general postage & packaging of my items (free first class postage and professional padded envelopes with clear address labels), but I thought about what more could be done.

I first thought about thank you cards that thanked the customer for their business and promoted Broad Noise through the use of the logo and the website. So I created a simple design and placed an order.

I now have simple thank you cards to include in the packaging of my products to promote Broad Noise and establish myself as a business (these can be seen below). My first order of 250 cards will be used as a test to see whether or not they actually work i.e. if there is a noticeable increase in feedback or site traffic.

I already have plans to improve the design in the future. Since I’ve recently created social pages for Broad Noise on Facebook and Twitter, and have plans for an Instagram in the future, it would make sense to include these on the cards themselves. It would also make sense to include the contact email address for Broad Noise should the customer have any comments regarding their purchase. This is just one of the many ways I plan to turn this hobby into a successful business.


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