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This week, I have been mostly listening to…

Top Artists
5. Disturbed
With 20 plays, Disturbed squeeze in at number 5 this week. After the news that Disturbed are playing Download 2016 I revisited some of my favourite songs and gave their new album Immortalised a listen.
4. Wolf Alice
Just ahead of Disturbed with 22 plays, we have the Alt-Rock band Wolf Alice. Absolutely in love with this band, so gutted that I didn’t see them at Glastonbury this year.
3. Don Broco
In a close third this week is Don Broco with 23 plays. They are another band that will be at Download 2016 and there is something about their style of rock that I just can’t get enough of.
2. Combichrist 
A band you may not have heard of, unless you’re into industrial music or aggrotech, is Combichrist who take second place this week with 34 plays. If you’re into experimental electronic or dark EDM, Combichrist are well worth a listen.
1. Skindred
Taking the top spot by a massive lead this week is Skindred with 49 plays. Although I’m not a big fan of reggae music, I just love the way Skindred manage to mix reggae with nu-metal and alternative rock. Oh and they’re also going to be playing Download 2016.

Top Albums*
5. Purpose by Justin Bieber 
Considering the artists I’ve just listed in my Top 5 this week, you might be wondering why Justin Bieber’s latest album is making the Top 5 for most played albums. No, I’m not a belieber with only 19 total plays this week, but you can’t argue the fact that SorryWhat do you mean? and Love Yourself aren’t good songs.
4. Making Monsters by Combichrist
Having only recently discovered industrial music, Combichrist and similar artists (Panzer AG and Hocico) have been making up quite a lot of my total plays the last couple of weeks. “Making Monsters” has been the album I’ve taken to the most with 21 total plays this week and songs like Never Surrender, Throat full of Glass and They.
3. My Love is Cool by Wolf Alice
Perhaps my favourite album of 2015, songs from “My Love is Cool” have been played a total of 22 times this week. BrosFreazy and Swallowtail are just some of the great songs that help make up “My Love is Cool”.
2. Automatic by Don Broco
Although I wasn’t too taken by Don Broco’s first album “Priorities”, I was struck by their second album “Automatic”. Songs like Money Power Fame, Fire and Automatic are just catchy mainstream pop/rock. With 23 total plays this week Automatic takes the second place spot.
1. Volume by Skindred
Topping the Top 5 Albums we have Skindred’s latest album “Volume” with 47 total plays. After hearing it for this first time this week, I have been in love with this album and listened to it through a couple times as well as keeping songs like Under Attack, Hit the Ground and Sound the Siren on repeat.

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Top Songs
5. Circles by Nero
Off Nero’s latest album “Between II Worlds”, Circles is a massive dance track and fast becoming my favourite off the album with 6 plays this week. With no real drop, Circles is a continuous high energy track that makes you just want to get up and move.
4. You’re a Germ by Wolf Alice
You’re a Germ is probably my favourite song off Wolf Alice’s debut album “My Love is Cool” with 6 plays this week and successfully boasts the bands many talents. Starting slow with gentle vocals, You’re a Germ builds up to a fierce chorus and has a well fitting horror-film like music video.
3. Mein Land by Rammstein 
After discovering Rammstein’s “Rare Tracks 1994-2012” album on Spotify this week, I can finally stream my favourite song of theirs, Mein Land. Mein Land has such a great main rift and was also played 6 times this week.
2. Started In My Head by Patent Pending
Having only recently started listening to Patent Pending after seeing them in London a few weeks ago, Started In My Head was the song that stuck with me. It’s everything a great pop/punk/rock song needs to be and was played 7 times this week.
1. Volume by Skindred
No surprises here then. After topping my Artist and Album lists this week, Skindred also have the most played song with Volume off their latest album with the same name. The thing I love the most about this song has to be Benji Webbe repeating “volume” while getting higher and higher in pitch. Volume racked up 10 plays this week.

There was probably a slight bias this week towards bands playing at Download 2016, with Disturbed, Don Broco, Skindred and Rammstein all confirmed acts.

What songs have you been listening to this week? Let me know on Twitter: @pieces_of_time.

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*Any song played from an album counts as an album play i.e an album with 10 plays means songs from the album have been played 10 times.