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Iggy Azalea may not be the best live performer, or even the best rapper generally, but she can produce some pretty good music (i.e. Bounce, Fancy etc.) Her latest release “Switch” is an example of her unique catchy style and is today’s Track of the Day.


The Journey

Today’s Track of the Day is “The Journey” by Pablo del Monte, who is probably the most underground artist featured here on BroadNoise to date. With only a handful of listeners on Spotify (593 monthly), and even less views on YouTube, I would forgive you if he’s not someone you’ve heard of before. If you’re into house/deep house music he might be one to watch out for!


I had honestly never heard of Phoenix until this week, which is pretty impressive given the fact they have over 4.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, but I’m glad I found them. I can’t seem to get enough of their indie-pop-electronica fusion. “J-Boy”, from their recently released album “Ti Amo”, is today’s track of the day.

Wall of Glass

Although I’ve never been a religious listener to either of Oasis or Beady Eye, I have been a fan of what I’ve heard and Liam Gallagher’s debut solo single “Wall of Glass” is no exception. Following the collapse of both Oasis and Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher is returning to the music scene once more as a solo artist and his debut solo album is out later this year.

Bora! Bora! Bora!

Get ready for the weekend with today’s Track of the Day “Bora! Bora! Bora!” by techno and dance legends Scooter. This is their recent single off their upcoming album Scooter Forever that’s coming out in August this year. Start your weekend the right way and get the party started!

Iron Lights

It’s amazing what you can discover when you don’t pay for Spotify. A lot of small artists buy Spotify ad slots to showcase their music in hope of attracting new fans and Tamu Massif did just that. And I guess it worked! This is his first single off his second EP “Bala”. If you’re into indie then Tamu Massif could be someone you’re interested in checking out.


“Supercharge” by Enter Shikari feat. Big Narstie is the Track of the Day today. I’ve never sat down and listened to Enter Shikari properly, but I’ve always liked their singles so probably should. “Supercharge” is their most recent single and hints at new album being released in the future, perhaps one that I will find the time to listen to properly…