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Today’s Track of the Day is “Hypocrisy” by Skepta. I’m not a massive grime fanboy, but my blog does come across that way with all the grime promotion I’ve been doing lately. This is Skepta’s most recent release and is well worth a checkout.



The Strange Bones take on the Avelino, Stormy and Skepta collaboration “Energy”, is today’s Track of the Day. As the song title suggests, this track is full of energy and this version is a mix of two upbeat genres; punk rock and grime. A well produced track that even rivals the original.

Can’t Go Wrong

Since I currently don’t have internet at home I’ve missed a lot of new releases such as Wiley’s latest single, Can’t Go Wrong. (released 16th September 2016.)

Can’t Go Wrong is an upbeat, bass-y grime track that fans of Wiley/Skepta/JME or any of the Boy Better Know crew will instantly love. I’m definitely seeing this track going big in the near future and if you take the time to listen to this track, you Can’t Go Wrong…

Glastonbury Highlights – Friday

The easiest way I could think of summarising my time at Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, is to take a day-by-day approach. These are my highlights of the first day of live music on Friday.

Leading grime artist Skepta, took the Pyramid stage by storm at just before 2pm yesterday and for probably the “whitest” crowd he’s performed to, I doubt he’s performed to one with more engery. With hits like “That’s Not Me”, “Shutdown”, “Too Many Man” and “Man” being spat back to him by thousands of fans (including me) you couldn’t get a better atmosphere.

Occassionally crew members would run the sides chucking out merch to front row fans and Skepta was regularly joined on stage by members of his crew, like Frisco and Jammer, to keep the hype levels at Maximum and the grime flowing till the end.

At the small tent stage in William’s Green, Political Punk Indie Rock band Vant rocked out to a few hundred enthusiasts at around 5pm. Being a bit of a hipster fanboy, I pushed through and positioned myself on the rail.

After a few opening tracks to get the crowd ready, things got political with the frontman commenting on the results of the EU referendum – “if you voted to leave, get the F*** out of my tent!”.  Known songs like “Parking Lot”, “Fly-By Alien” and latest release “Karma Seeker” got things back on track.

Bring Me the Horizon
Metal core BMTH kicked off the evening music at 7:20pm over on the other stage. A video intro pre-warned fans that if they weren’t looking to get hurt, that they were at “the wrong show” and should “f***ing leave”. The video ended by comanding the crowd to open the centre creating a pit that was then told to grow wider, wider, and wider.

Starting with”happy song” BMTH followed up with songs like “Follow You”, “Shadow Moses”and “Can You Feel My Heart”, before ending on crowd favourite “Throne”. A truly heavy energetic experience that involved mosh pits, wall of deaths and crowd surfing, seemed out of place in the early evening before indie-pop band Bastille.