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Pull The Trigger (Yultron Remix)

It’s great how artists can take what someone else has done and adapt it to create a completely different song. In dance music remixes are quite common and some artists even go as far as releasing tracks with a whole list of various remixes made by others in a sort of EP format. Today’s Track of the Day is Yultron’s remix of “Pull The Trigger” which was originally produced by Flux Pavilion.


Your Liver

There is no video currently released for Your Liver, but it’s just such a catchy beat that I have to share it anyway. You might be wondering if you’ve heard of Mr. Oizo before, or if you recognise this 8-bit graphic, and for most of you you probably have. Although it’s been 17 years since the release of Flat Beat and the infamous Levi Jeans advert that brought Mr. Oizo stardom, Your Liver proves that he’s still going strong.