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Bicycle Race

Since I’ve come back from an 11 mile cycle tonight, today’s throwback track of the day is “Bicycle Race” by Queen. Hope you’re enjoying these throwback tracks and see you next Thursday for another!


Whip It

It’s time to spice things up on this blog, it’s called Broad Noise for a reason after all (to promote a variety of musical genres – duh). I’m going to start sharing specific songs a lot more frequently, kind of like a “Track of the day” but more of a “whenever I discover a track I quite like” kind of thing. And if it happens to have a good music video, then that’s just a bonus.

To start off we are going waaaay back to 1980 for Devo’s “Whip It”. A song that boasts a catchy rhythm. A song with a strange music video (men in weird hats and a cross-eyed girl with a gun is all I’m saying). And a song that’s well worth a listen. Enjoy!