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Separate Beat

Today’s track of the day is something special! I simply can’t get enough of “Separate Beat”  by groove band Ivory Wave. It’s got that “Loaded” / “Step On” kind of feel but at the same time it’s completely different. I can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what it reminds me of, but either way it’s a killer track!



We’re going back to grime for today’s Track of the Day, with Dizzee Rascal’s latest single “Space”. A sweet grime track with a catchy hook – “Just give me three feet and an ounce of space” – that’s causing some ripples online and hints at Dizzee returning to his grime roots. Check it out!

Freeze me

Death From Above’s latest release “Freeze Me” is the Track of the Day today and it’s their first single since their 2014 album “The Physical World”. True to their unique high energy rock/punk style, the two piece band seem to be back in full swing under their original name Death From Above, rather than their former name Death From Above 1979.

Don’t Matter Now

George Ezra’s new single “Don’t Matter Now” was released yesterday and is today’s Track of the Day. I can see this feel-good track charting well over the next few weeks due to the fact it’s insanely catchy and pretty relaxed, meaning it will appeal to a wide variety of listeners. So stop worrying, listen to this track and enjoy your weekend, since everything else “don’t matter now”.

Love Drug

Die Antwoord are one of those bands that you either love or hate. Their unique music style generally disregards the “rules” of music and it can create some broken up and disjointed songs that shouldn’t work but somehow do. Love Drug is one of those songs. The lyrics and the beat don’t always align which can make it a bit hard to follow, but the chorus is just too addictive to ignore.